About GautamSons

GautamSons has been able to create its own goodwill and a strong reputation for itself. We are primarily exporters of all "Geographical Indication" (GI) Verified Products of India. We specialize in GI-tagged Kashmiri saffron MOGRA, GI-tagged handicrafts, GI-tagged black rice, GI-tagged basmati rice, exotic leather, and many more. GautamSons is particularly focused on Jammu & Kashmir products and handicrafts. Our products are known for their elegance, style, and superior quality, standing out in the global market. We have a well-established and loyal global clientele..

The company understands the importance of quality and timely delivery of merchandise in this competitive and challenging international business environment.

Our Mission

GautamSons is committed to showcasing India's finest, promoting heritage through GI-verified products, delivering globally, and preserving the essence of J&K craftsmanship.

Our Vision

To be the global epitome of quality and authenticity, enriching lives with premium GI-tagged products, celebrating cultural diversity, and fostering sustainable growth in international trade.

Expanding Goal

Continuously broaden our product portfolio, strengthen global partnerships, and pioneer sustainability practices, aiming to become a leading exporter in diverse sectors while upholding unmatched quality and customer satisfaction.